Command Line Interface

argos-translate --from-lang en --to-lang es "Hello World"
Hola Mundo

echo "Text to translate" | argos-translate --from-lang en --to-lang es
Texto para traducir

argospm --help
usage: argospm [-h] {update,search,install,list,remove} ...

positional arguments:
                        Available commands.
    update              Downloads remote package index.
    search              Search package from remote index.
    install             Install package.
    list                List installed packages.
    remove              Remove installed package.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Translate a string from English to Spanish.

Note: If you do not have the language pair that you are calling installed, you will get a Traceback error.:

argos-translate --from-lang en --to-lang es "Hello World."
Hola Mundo

Translate longer text piped into argos-translate.:

echo "Text to translate" | argos-translate --from-lang en --to-lang es
Texto para traducir


Downloads remote package index.

argospm update


Install package.

argospm install translate-en_es


List installed packages.

argospm list


Remove installed package.

argospm remove translate-en_es

Enable tab completion for Bash

curl -sSL > /etc/bash_completion.d/argospm.bash

Importing new pairs through the CLI

  • Update list of available language pairs: argospm update

  • List all available language pairs: argospm search

  • Install new pair syntax: argospm install *lang_pair_name*

For example, install Turkish to English pair: argospm install translate-tr_en

Optionally, you could install all language pairs using BASH.:

for i in $(argospm search | sed 's/:.*$//g'); do argospm install $i ; done

Removing a pair through the CLI

  1. Remove the Turkish to English pair: argospm remove translate-tr_en

Optionally, you could remove all language pairs using BASH if you need to free space fast.

for i in $(argospm list); do argospm remove $i ; done